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Struileag : An imaginary boat passed around at a ceilidh or other gathering. When you have sung or told a story, you'd say "cuiream struileag seachad orm gu..." : "I pass on the struileag to..." for the next person to do a turn.

Where are you from? Where are your ancestors from? Did they speak Gaelic? What was their life like? Tell us about yourself or your own children. Tell us what life is like. What do you enjoy? What are you proud of?

We have launched a new exciting online project designed to tell the epic story of the Gael, a people scattered to the winds.

We will invite you to put your self on the map and add your own recipes, pictures, family stories, video clips, audio clips, music, poetry, all sorts really! Add yourself into existing storylines as well as creating your own which you can then share with friends on social media if you wish.

Visit: Shore to Shore - Struileag Stories to Become Part of the Story!

You can also find us on facebook and twitter and we would love to see you there. Do come and join us and be part of the story.