Shona Mackay

Assistant Musical Director

Shona Mackay is a composer, mixed-media artist and musician based in Glasgow. She started her musical life as a French horn player, performing with various youth orchestras, concert bands and ensembles before going on to study music at Glasgow University. During her time there she trained as a classical singer and laterally began to focus her attention on composition. She is currently working on her PhD at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

As a composer her work has been performed by various groups including Hebrides Ensemble, The Music Lab, Ensemble Thing, Duo9 and Red Note Ensemble. She has also taken part in the St Magnus Composers Course in Orkney, the On the Rocks Arts Festival in St Andrews, the Harrogate International Festival and most recently, the 2013 Edinburgh International Film Festival Composers' Lab.

Although classically trained, she has a keen interest in developing works for use outside of traditional concert hall settings and often combines her music with film, photography, art and movement to create installation pieces. She also likes to explore the boundaries between composer, performer and audience. Shona has also been involved in a number of school and community projects, including delivering singing workshops for Parkinsons UK, composing and creating music for a production of “Plasticine” at the Citizens Theatre, Glasgow.

Struileag is Shona's first experience of working on a Gaelic project and she's very excited to be part of it!