Fiona MacKenzie


Emerging as one of Scotland's most distinctive singer-songwriters, Fiona Mackenzie has been applauded by critics across the globe for her unique blend of traditional and contemporary song in Scottish Gaelic and English. She has toured and recorded extensively over the years with bands such as Anam, Seelyhoo and Mackenzie and her first solo release ‘Elevate’ is available on the prestigious Linn Record label

Although a large part of Fiona's musical background draws upon her Gaelic culture, she has always taken an interest in music from other genres. Most of her own songs have been written in English and are influenced and inspired by many different types of music.

She has been writing songs since her early teens and has used a mixture of her own material and traditional song in her recordings. As a professional singer, Fiona has featured in many radio and television broadcasts. Fiona also often records and sings with her singer-songwriter husband Brian Ó hEadhra. More recently Fiona has been performing with the Scottish Gaelic singing quartet Cruinn.

“Her voice ranges from gentle and tender to full and forceful, while her lyrics are always thought provoking and insightful. She also has a particularly ingenious turn of phrase, writing lyrics that invoke emotions in the listener.” Living Tradition Magazine