David McCallum


Born in Sudbury, Ontario and raised in Niagara Falls and the Almaguin Highlands of North Ontario, David McCallum, aka Corvid, has always been drawn to his roots. As a child, David travelled to Ireland and Britain and developed a keen interest in history, mythology, and the Gaelic language. As an adult he returned to Wales and Ireland, then the Fiji Islands, then hitch-hiked across Canada to British Columbia. The birth of his son led him to settle in Vancouver where he has lived for ten years.

Since being invited to participate in the Struileag project, David has immersed himself in studying Gaelic and honing his style to complement the language’s nuances. Drawing on our traditional oral culture and poetic disciplines, and his skills as a Hip Hop MC, David brings together ancient and modern, wilderness and urban, and the Old and New Worlds seamlessly.

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Growing up in a musical family, David began performing at a young age, progressing from Metal, to Punk Rock to Hip Hop by his 20's. He has spent the last decade honing his craft in freestyle ciphers and the recording booth, releasing two albums – 'Purgatorio' and 'Dalriada', both produced by acclaimed Vancouver turntablist DJ K-Rec. The 'Corvid sound' is darkly humourous, introspective and expressive, with thought provoking lyrics over densely layered beats. The second album explores the workings of David's twisted Celtic mind, and features samples from classic Scottish and Irish films.

"Infusing elements of his Celtic heritage with old school turntable-ism, Corvid puts a fresh spin on the nostalgic sound of true school hip-hop." Hip Hop Canada