Calum Barker


Calum Barker is a Black Isle based singer. The eldest of four, Calum has been brought up with Gaelic singing, having gone through Gaelic medium primary education in Inverness. His mother, Eilidh Mackenzie, a Gaelic singer/songwriter (and one of the three sisters who make up vocal harmony group Mackenzie) is his main influence.

Throughout his childhood he regularly attended Fèisean, took part in the Mòd and was frequently exposed to harmony singing through membership of Gaelic youth vocal groups such as Canntaireachd and Còisir G. These groups in particular allowed him to take part in festivals such as Belladrum and Blas and through his Fèis connection, in London's Royal Albert Hall as part of a thirty strong teenage group representing Scotland. He enjoys songwriting himself and, at nineteen, is studying Scots Law at the University of Dundee.