Allan MacDonald

Singer, Piper & Songwriter

Allan MacDonald was raised in the Gaelic speaking community of Glenuig, Moidart and started piping aged 9. After winning the major awards he became ambivalent towards piping competitions though winning the Gold Medal and Clasps for Pibroch. After this, on being awarded a research scholarship, he wrote a thesis that re-interpreted modern mainstream Pibroch performance by placing it in its proper Gaelic socio-linguistic context in which it had its provenance and was nurtured.

Allan has recorded two CDs in conjunction with singer Margaret Stewart - 'Fhuair mi Pòg' and 'Colla mo Rùn' - and a critically acclaimed solo album of his re-interpreted style of pibroch titled 'Dastirum'. His published collections of pipe music, Moidart I and II are constantly in demand, and he has produced recordings of the tunes in the collections.

He has been a musical director of several BBC and other media projects including 'An Ataireachd Bhuan' and 'Na h-Eilthirich'. He was co-director on the 'Highland Sessions' series and also for 'The Well' project in Dublin sponsored by River Dance in 2000. He conceptualised, organised and performed in two major concert for the Edinburgh International Festival; the latter in 2004 winning a Herald Angel Award for best event.

Allan has been a tutor and lecturer on the RSAMD Traditional Music BA course since its inception in 1996 and subsequent inclusion at the Piping Centre in Glasgow in 2000. He is a regular traveller to Eire, Canada and USA for concerts as performer on pipes, singer, tutor and lecturer.

"The single most important living source of Gaelic musical culture” John Purser
“Great emotion, flair and style that is always inspiring, challenging and often breathtaking” Roddy MacLeod
“Allan is a peerless artist whose music transcends medium.” John Wallace