Children Of The Smoke

“Building upon cultural heritage rather than simply relying upon it”

Be carried on an epic journey into the world of the Gael, a people scattered across the globe...

Out of the peat smoke, ancient traditions find relevance in a contemporary world of glass and metal. Native tongues give voice in the blizzard of globalised society.

An explosion of show-stopping songs, spectacular imagery and exhilarating dance, 'Children of the Smoke' is an anthem to people of Highland & Island descent stretching through time and around the planet. At its heart lies a deep and emotionally engaging tale of love, family, exile, loss, hope and strength that everyone will relate to.

Rural life gives way to urban sprawl as this striking blend of original song, poetry, film, dance and imagery comes together in a dramatic portrait of a people who have pollinated the culture of the world.

Presented in Gaelic, this 75 minute show celebrates and explores the importance of indigenous language and its links to culture and identity. 'Children of the Smoke' is set to be a significant highlight of Scotland's 'Year of Homecoming 2014'.

The show has been two years in gestation. Songs and story lines have been commissioned from more than 20 writers. In response to these texts and poems, award-winning composer Jim Sutherland has created a contemporary score which will be performed by a stellar cast of 20 singers and musicians.