Traditions of poetry and song are the very essesnce of Gaelic cultural heritage. To build upon this heritage, new Gaelic poetry will form the bedrock of the Struileag show. A team of critically-acclaimed Gaelic poets from across the diaspora have been commissioned to create new writing. Led by award-winning writer and poet Kevin MacNeil, this team of writers ranges from such luminaries as Aonghas Dubh MacNeacail and Anna Frater, to the exciting emerging talents of Babs NicGriogair and Mona NicLeòid, and also includes texts by traditional Gaelic singers such as Ailean Dòmhnallach and Griogair Labhruidh.

Responding to themes of home, identity and language, this new writing will shape the narrative thrust of the show. One commissioned piece takes the form of a secular psalm to the sea. Another piece has been commissioned as a rap, focussing on the abandonment of culture and heritage, and those who have been deceived in search of a promised better life.

Struileag are proud to be the driving force behind the creation of this new corpus of Gaelic song & poetry, and this will be the cultural legacy of the project, to be handed on to future generations.