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Pass the Struileag

Gaelic used to be spoken all over Scotland, and the descendants of its speakers are spread all across the world. This scattering of people is the Scottish Gaelic diaspora. Struileag/Shore to Shore is mapping the farthest reaches of this amazing diaspora, connecting with people who feel the call of a culture that is etched into their DNA.

You don't have to speak Gaelic to get involved!

Pin yourself on the map and become part of the story in our fantastic site Shore to Shore , browse and add all sorts of photographs, recipes, family histories, funny stories.

Catch the premier of the live stage show, 'Children of The Smoke' - a major new multimedia musical production, one of the key events for Homecoming Scotland 2014 and the Glasgow 2014 Cultural Programme.

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Struileag: An imaginary boat passed around at a ceilidh or other gathering. When you have sung or told a story, you'd say "cuiream struileag seachad orm gu..." "I pass on the struileag to..." for the next person to do a turn.