History isn’t a thing of the past, we’re making it now !

Struileag News:
Gaelic Poetry Competition Launched..!!

Gaelic used to be spoken all over Scotland, and the descendants of its speakers are spread all across the world. This scattering of people is the Scottish Gaelic diaspora. Struileag/Shore to Shore is mapping the farthest reaches of this amazing diaspora, connecting with people who feel the call of a culture that is etched into their DNA.

We are celebrating this diaspora on a grand scale by creating a show that will perform in 2014 as part of the year of Homecoming. We are particularly proud that we have been asked to premier this spectacular show during the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

We also hope to tour the show around the world. Struileag has been commissioning new work from 20 writers to be performed by 20 of Scotland's finest artists. The writing is fresh, relevant and new!

Michael Maclean (L) and Ronnie MacNeil (R) hatch a plan in Barra circa1958. Michael subsequently joined the Merchant Navy and visited almost every place on that globe!

You don't have to speak Gaelic to get involved! There are some great stories on our facebook page, all sorts of photographs, recipes, family stories, funny stories. It's all about the Scots Gaelic diaspora. There are many stories of Highlanders, Islanders and their descendants who became diamond miners and billionaires, slaves and indentured servants, founders of far-flung nations and American Indian Chiefs.

Struileag: An imaginary boat passed around at a ceilidh or other gathering. When you have sung or told a story, you'd say "cuiream struileag seachad orm gu..." "I pass on the struileag to..." for the next person to do a turn.