Setting Translations

The site has two trees of content starting at and and it supports the concept of linking pages together on the two sides of the site.

The first stage is to create the two pages in the two languages and get the content into them. It probably makes sense to have the two pages in similar positions in the hierarchies in the two language versions unless your different languages are going to diverge quite a bit.

Once you have your two language versions of a page, then edit one of them and choose Page Configuration from teh Edit tab select widget. This will show you what the alternative language version of the page is, or undefined if you have yet to pick one.

Press Browse for target and the page will reload but now there will be an Open Page Questions section below the edit interface with a request to define what the translated page is of your current page.

Navigate to your alternative language page and select it as the answer to this question.

The page will reload back on your original page with your translated page selected as appropriate. You can now save your page and you will be able to get to your alternative language by clicking on the appropriate language name in the header.

When you define this, it doesn't set the reverse operation automatically. However if you are on your original page, it will automatically detect that the translated page doesn't link back to this page - ie the translation is not bi-directional and it will offer you the option to fix this with an Update reverse translation widget.