This is a private page that is not visible to the general public and which I will create pages with examples of functionality inside it so that you can use them as templates for when you want to do something.

  • Typography
    Examples of the standard ways of formatting plain text that flows down the default content flow - ie no blockstyles
  • Floated block styles
    introducing the idea of floating elements outside the natural flow of the content.
  • Centered Blocks
    centered blocks stay in the current default flow but are more narrow than the default content width.
  • Custom block styles
    introducing custom block styles that are unique to the shoretoshore project
  • Setting Translations
    defining the multi-lingual versions of pages.
  • Default language version
    setting the language that is presented to people when they first arrive at the site
  • Cascading headers
    setting the content that appears above the page title and how this is syndicated to other pages.